Model Call: D/s is For Everyone

Model Call: D/s is For Everyone
We are officially putting out a model call, but with a specific request:

We feel that representation within BDSM, and D/s specifically, is lacking. D/s is for everyone, and we want to help change perceptions around what D/s looks like.

D/s is for every body type, skin color, sexual orientation, gender. And we want to be part of a community that embraces that. So we are asking our POC friends, our gender non-conforming friends, our trans and nonbinary friends, our disabled friends, our LGBTQ+ friends, our female-lead relationship friends, to reach out to us if you're willing and able to work with us as a model.

If chosen, you get free RG gear in exchange for professional quality photos, for starters.

We are thrilled to work with models remotely, regardless of location.

Please apply if you're interested, and let's talk about how we can make not only our brand more inclusive, but the mainstream representation of D/s, as well.


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