Miss Annie

is submissive and active in the San Diego kink community. She's been exploring submission, the D/s lifestyle, and the psychology and philosophy behind it all for about 8 years.

Miss Tara handles the design and creation of most of our jewelry pieces. She does all of the hand stamping, metalwork, and finishing. She is not involved in D/s, but is awesomely openminded and supportive.


I’ve always had an eye for the classic. And that’s the impetus behind Restrained Grace. What kink gear would Audrey Hepburn have worn? Some locking pearls? Surely all of her leather would have been delicate.
What about Liberace? Gold and white and GLITTER. As Hollywood Regency as kink gear can get.
And if Don Draper had a submissive (lol) what gear would he have chosen for her? Rich brown leather the color of a Manhattan, gold accents. High brow, high quality.

These are the kinds of things that inspire me. I’ve no desire to live in the 50s and 60s (I rather enjoy being able to CHOOSE submission, the ability to love whomever I want to love, etc.) but I do think we could stand to use some more classic design these days.

We make pretty things, and classic things. Things for D-types and S-types. But nothing is gendered, because it doesn't need to be.

All of our pieces are handcrafted in our San Diego, CA studio.

Whether hand-stamped, one letter at a time, engraved on our top-of-the-line CNC engraver, or individually wire-wrapped crystals and pearls. We source high quality leathers, plate all of the hardware for our leather goods in-house, and are constantly educating ourselves to grow not only our product line, but also our skill set.

I hope you love the things we make as much as I do.

-Miss Annie


Collars offer many fuctions, from a constant reminder of your ownership, to a symbol of your submission, to just feeling cute. Functional metal and leather collars provide strength and durability. Delicate and pretty day collars provide the reminder you need with elegance and subtlety that have vanilla-folk none-the-wiser.

A day collar needn't be a chunky, industrial chain and padlock. Even a simple piece of jewelry can symbolize your submission, no matter the occasion,

Has your sub been exceptionally good? Reward them with a trinket that reminds them who they belong to. Our jewelry line is designed for everyday. Wear it to work, school, or an evening out. Subtlety is our speciality.