Body Worship

Our Definition

the practice of showing reverence for a specific part of another person's body usually through physical and sexual touch.

Can be performed by either dominant or submissive parties, or without elements of power-exchange.

Real Life Examples

"Bob performs fellatio with such intensity and fervor that he considers it cock worship"

"Robin is a dominant who loves to shower their submissive's breasts with licks and kisses, and verbal praises."

"Ethel loves it when her submissive worships her feet."

Common Practices

Everyone is different - you'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary - 
Common body worship practices include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • Foot Worship
  • Genital Worship
  • Words of Praise/affirmation
  • Licking, sucking, and kissing
  • Breast Worship
  • Whole body Worship

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