Our Definition

The practice of using electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body using a power source (TENS, Violet wand, etc ) for sensation play, body modification, or to inflict pain.

Real Life Examples

Olana likes to feel a “zap” along with the sting of impact play. 

Indigo engages with very light electro stimulation to add sensation to full body massages.

Common Practices &


Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences involving electro play include, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Procuring equipment either from a sex toy vendor or medical supplier
  • Doing research and watching people use the equipment (either on video or in person) before using the equipment on a partner
  • Communicating with partner(s) about what types of sensation and/or pain are the goal of this play.
  • Incorporating electro-play into various role-play especially medical 


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