Restrained Grace Presents: The Modern BDSM Glossary
Restrained Grace Presents: The Modern BDSM Glossary

We've begun building a glossary of terms related to sex positivity, kink, BDSM, social justice, gender, sexuality and healthy relationships. 

What you'll find here are our definitions based on widely accepted definitions, along with an update for the roaring 2020s. 

You won't find aggressive gendering or heteronormativity here. 

You also won't find a guide telling you how to do BDSM the One True Way.

We believe BDSM is customizable. There's no one size fits all for relationships, sex, or kink. Here you can explore, share, and learn about the many ways these things are practiced.

The Modern BDSM Glossary is an ever-evolving work-in-progress made possible by the support and creative contributions volunteered by members of the kink community. I especially want to thank my good friends, Wendie and Lif, who helped educate me about specific areas where I was lacking. Eternal gratitude to my lawfully wedded co-writer and editor, Ian. Another huge thanks to all the Backroomies who have given me feedback, one word at a time. Y’all are the best! 

XO, Thia