Welcome to the

Sex Positive Glossary

An ongoing project and labor of love, this is a living, breathing wiki of terms relevant to BDSM, kink, sex positivity, queer identity, and social good. 
What started as an idea to create a list of a few common terms and their definitions has evolved into plans to grow this into a thorough, inclusive resource for information on sex, kink, and more, viewed through an intersectional feminist lens with a “kink-is-customizable” ethos. 
Our goal is to keep this resource, and our website as a whole, free of heteronormativity, unnecessary gendering, and language that insinuates that there is One True Way™ to practice BDSM. We encourage conversation and good-faith feedback in the comments, and we'll update each article as often as possible. 
Since this project is new, it's very possible we've missed something! 
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