Frankly 90's Petite Cuffs in Flamingo Pink Cuffs Restrained Grace
Frankly 90's Petite Cuffs in Flamingo Pink Cuffs Restrained Grace

Frankly 90's Petite Cuffs in Flamingo Pink

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BDSM meets 90s femme nostalgia with our Frankly 90s collection! A bright, colorful, neon and pastel glitterscape of all things colorful and girly, straight out of childhood.

Stunning flamingo pink leather is the base of these pretty, kinky little BDSM cuffs, with a LF inspired panel that features a gradient from purple to pink to blue to green. Each collar is totally unique. Nickel free silver hardware finishes every last detail of these suitable-for-play bondage cuffs.

  • Each pair of cuffs is totally unique!
    • As this print varies from pink/purple to green/blue with different animals on each. We cannot guarantee any specific colors or animals on your cuffs.
  • The 1/2" wide garment leather is double stitched and reinforced, as durable as it is comfortable.
  • 4" wide faux leather printed panel is attached to the front of the cuffs.
  • The silver hardware is nickel free


    • Sizes shown are ready to ship. Select "Custom Size" if you need a size outside of what is available. We have no size limitations.
      • Custom made leather currently ships in 4-6 weeks.
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      • The measurement you select will range from shortest measurement and will adjust 2" above that in 1/2" increments. 
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Care & Cleaning

Storage, Care, & Cleaning

    All of our pieces are made to last with proper care. 
    To keep your piece looking beautiful, we recommend the following:

    Avoid getting it wet

    • Avoid getting leather wet, as this will warp and discolor the leather and eventually cause the leather to break down.
      • If you do accidentally get your leather wet, dry it off with a towel, and lay it flat to dry thoroughly in a cool, dry place.
      • Do not heat the leather in an attempt to dry it, as this will cause the leather to crack and warp.
    • Water, from a shower, pool, lake, ocean, and even sweat will react with the plating. Rose gold contains copper, and this will cause it to oxidize. Even sterling silver will oxidize black. This goes double for any piece with beads, including pearls and crystals. Water will damage any beading.

    Avoid chemicals

    • Avoid getting sprays of any kind on your leather. Hairspray, perfume or cologne, or any other kinds of chemicals can negatively effect the finish of the leather, and build up over time.
    • Perfumes, body sprays, hair sprays, any kind of spray. Lotions, sunscreen, moisturizers. Anything you put on your body should be applied and dry before your jewelry or gear goes on.

    Don't wear it 24/7

    • ​​​​​​​Plating, unfortunately, has a lifespan, and the more you wear it, the faster it will fade. We recommend solid gold, sterling silver and stainless steel for 24/7 collars.

    Keep it clean

    • Our leather is fully finished and does not require any conditioning, however, you will want to make sure you keep it clean. 
    • To clean your leather, use a damp cloth to gently remove any dirt, oils, or any other substance. Dry with a soft cloth immediately after.
    • Do not use any cleaning products or solvents, as they can damage the color and finish of the leather.
    • ​​​Clean your jewelry and leather gear when you take it off.
      • Simply wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any residue.
      • For plated jewelry, this requires extra care, as polishing cloths can remove the plating very quickly. 

    Store it safely

    • ​​​​​​​Keep your jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth, bag, or in a drawer.
    • You can hang it from a jewelry organizer, just do your best to keep it clean and untangled.
    • Avoiding exposure to air will prevent silver, copper, and brass from oxidizing.

    Other Common Concerns


    Tarnished Sterling Silver

    • Sterling silver is called '.925 sterling silver' because it contains 92.5% fine silver, the remaining 7.5% is copper, which makes it stronger/harder and also has the unfortunate side-effect of causing it to oxidize when exposed to moisture and air.
    • Oxidization, or tarnish, in sterling silver, is black, so you may think your jewelry is dirty.
      • Often it just needs a buff with a jewelry polishing cloth to look as good as new.
      • We are happy to polish, buff and refinish sterling silver jewelry for a small fee.

    Skin Irritation & Metal Allergies

    • All Restrained Grace-made products are nickel free unless noted otherwise. 
    • Our iridescent rainbow hardware contains chromium.
    • All of our jewelry and hardware is lead and nickel free.
    • Some people occasionally experience a burning, itching and/or redness, usually on the skin beneath jewelry and gear. This condition may be due to the build-up of soaps, lotion, dead skin, etc, or it may be chafing irritation.
      • To avoid skin irritation and to keep your pieces in tip-top-shape, do not wear your pieces when using cleaning products or lotions, and clean your pieces frequently.

    Black Residue

    • Certain types of cosmetics contain chemicals that can abrade your jewelry, causing a sort of metallic dust. This metallic dust often appears black and can cause smudges on your skin or clothing.
      • To avoid this problem, put on your jewelry after applying your cosmetics.
    • Black smudges may also be caused by corrosion due to perspiration, exposure to salts and exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas (present in polluted air, some foodstuffs and industrial chemicals).
      • To avoid these smudges, we recommend that you do not wear your jewelry while handling chemicals or products containing sulfur, and gently polish your jewelry often to remove tarnish.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    I’ve bought four other collars, but this is one of my favorites solely because of the lock. It has a tiny scratch :(, but other than that it’s goid quality and works, looks great. :)

    So much love

    I absolutely love this collar - its elegantly made with good materials and 100% what I paid for. This is my first ever collar and I couldn’t be happier!

    The best first collar of my life

    I love this collar is so cute and so light weight, I can even sleep with it on and it doesnt bother me


    Black Stitched Leather Mini Locking BDSM Collar - with Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold Hardware


    Beautifullly made collar. Exactly what I ordered and tastefully done. My wife, sub, adores it and loves wearing it. She has had a number of lovely comments given to her too. We received it in good time and was wrapped very nicely. I wish you all the best for a successful venture. Well done.
    All the best

    Additional Information

    6"-8", Custom

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