The Heavy Ring of O Classic Collar in Emerald Green

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Restrained Grace


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SilverGoldRose GoldIridescent Rainbow

This 1" wide leather collar is an absolute classic. But an emerald green BDSM collar with minimalist design brings the style and elegance.

And now you can choose from silver hardware for a classic look, gold hardware for classic elegance, rose gold hardware for modern femininity, or iridescent rainbow hardware for some vaporwave 90s vibes.

Matches our gorgeous Emerald Green leather collection.

  • Handcrafted to order and made to measure.
    • Please provide your exact neck measurement to order - for help, check out our guide on taking measurements and our soft, flexible tape measure, which is free with any purchase.
    • Collar will adjust 2" above the measurement you provide, in 1/2" increments.
  • The 1" wide soft garment leather used for this collar is double stitched and reinforced.
  • 1.5" ring of O.
  • Your choice of silver, gold, rose gold, or iridescent rainbow hardware.
  • The hardware is nickel free, with a clear finish for long wear.
  • Bondage proof.
  • 30 day warranty for workmanship.




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    Almost all of our pieces are made to measure, and many cannot be resized. It's extremely important that you provide accurate measurements to within 1/2". 

    -For adjustable collars, cuffs, and harnesses, please provide your actual measurements. When in doubt, size down.

    -For locking collars, necklaces, day collars, and anything else that doesn't adjust, please provide your desired finished length. When in doubt, size up.

    Measuring your Neck: Measure around the part of your neck where you want the collar to lay. If you want it tight at the center of your neck, measure it there. If it's a looser style that you want to lay at your collar bone, or lower, measure where the collar will lay across the back of your neck and down to where it will hang.

    For full instructions and a diagram of where to measure, please view our Measurements page here.

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    Materials & Care

    About Our Materials

    • All plating will wear off over time, but much faster if not cared for properly. The only gold products that do not fade over time are solid gold and gold filled.
    • All of our leather gear hardware is nickel free and lead free.
    • Iridescent rainbow hardware is made with a finish known as neochrome, which has a chrome base, and contains chromium. People with a chromium allergy should not wear this hardware.
    • Sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time, and with exposure to water, sweat, chemicals, salt, and air.
    • Sterling silver can be polished with any jewelry polishing cloth to restore the beautiful original shine.
    • Gold plated steel is strong and durable, but the plating will still fade over time. By all accounts and tests, rose gold plating will fade faster than yellow gold plating.
    • Gold Dipped Sterling is solid .925 sterling silver that has been dipped in 14K gold or rose gold in house. It will not tarnish, however the plating can fade with wear.
    • Gold filled jewelry features a much thicker coating of gold than plated jewelry, which will not fade over time.

    Care, Cleaning, and Storage

    All of our pieces are made to last with proper care. To keep your piece looking beautiful, we recommend the following:


    Water, from a shower, pool, lake, ocean, and even sweat will react with the plating. Rose gold contains copper, and this will cause it to oxidize. Even sterling silver will oxidize black. This goes double for any piece with beads, including pearls and crystals. Water will damage any beading.


    Perfumes, body sprays, hair sprays, any kind of spray. Lotions, sunscreen, moisturizers. Anything you put on your body should be applied and dry before your jewelry or gear goes on.


    ​​​​​​​Clean your jewelry when you take it off. Simply wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any residue. For plated jewelry, this requires extra care, as polishing cloths can remove the plating very quickly. You definitely don't want to use anything abrasive, like a toothbrush.

    DON'T WEAR IT 24/7

    ​​​​​​​Plating, unfortunately, has a lifespan, and the more you wear it, the faster it will fade.


    ​​​​​​​Keep your jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth, bag, or in a drawer. You can hang it from a jewelry organizer, just do your best to keep it clean and untangled. Avoiding exposure to air will prevent silver, copper, and brass from oxidizing.


    ​​​​​​​We know this piece is special. All of the things we make are incredibly special, because they all have tremendous meaning for the owner. But remember, it's still a piece of jewelry, and if you love it, and take proper care of it, it can last for a long time.

    Return Policy

    Our goal is that you're incredibly happy with your entire experience shopping with us, from browsing to receiving and wearing your piece. If anything goes wrong, please email us right away at

    • Made to order leather goods are considered custom items, along with anything else made to size or personalized with your custom text. 
    • Custom items are not eligible for return or exchange, except in cases of damage in shipping or defect.
    • Insertable and mouth-worn items, including butt plugs and gags are not eligible for return.
    • Returns must be accompanied by a return authorization or your refund will not be processed.
    • Returned items must be in brand new, unused condition.
    • Items sent in for repair must be cleaned before shipping to us.
    • Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.
    • Customer is responsible for return shipping, except in cases of damage or defect.
    • Personalized rings cannot be resized, please make sure you know the proper ring size before ordering.
    • Most collars and cuffs can be sized down by an inch or so, but cannot be made longer.
    • Contact us within 14 days of delivery if you have any issues.
    • Returns must be sent back within 7 days of receipt of return authorization.
    • Cancelations may be requested within 24 hours of purchase.

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