June News: Changing How We Do All of This

June News: Changing How We Do All of This

Pre-pandemic, we carried high inventory levels of leather strap and hardware and only offered leather made to order, which made for really long production times for everything we made, and burned us out pretty hard. We know we don't have to tell you that everything is more expensive these days, or that the pandemic made sourcing supplies more difficult. Rather than struggle to function the way we used to, we're reworking our business model.

We've divided our leather products into two collections: Ready to Ship & Custom Made. Their names are pretty self-explanatory but I'll elaborate, just in case.

Ready to Ship Leather Gear

Our Ready to Ship leather collection features full collections of ready-made leather gear, like our dove gray vegan leather, one of a kind pieces, and random. full-quality pieces. (We'll be hosting samples and seconds sales again soon!)

In the near future, there won't be any need to custom order our best sellers, the shop will be full of black and rose gold and blush pink gear (and new, seasonal colors a few times a year), ready to ship in a variety of sizes.

Whatever you find in our Ready to Ship collection will have sizes listed in the title for ease of shopping, and we'll be adding a filter option for size as we grow this collection.

Custom Made Leather Gear

We'll always offer custom leather gear, even when the shop is someday full of a rainbow of ready to ship gear, but our shop was really cluttered and hard to browse - so we've simplified the custom order process with a single product page for each style (rather than a separate product page for every product in every color).

Now you can easily browse collars, cuffs, gags, etc., choose the style you like, then customize it all on one page by choosing custom colors and hardware options. And, naturally, custom made gear is made to your measurements, at any size.

You can even customize accents like bows and panels, choosing from all of our custom patterns and prints, and include fun additions like bells:

While we work on getting modeled photos of each of our styles, we'll be adding more and more example pics to each listing so you can see some of our favorite combinations, and compare colors to design the leather gear of your dreams.

Doing this allows you to have access to hundreds of gear/color combos that we haven't (and probably wouldn't) have time to list on the website!

New Pre-Order Process

This sweet new simplified setup for custom gear has laid the groundwork for a new pre-order process, as well! Which we'll get to try out soon with our next black leather pre-order!

When we open up pre-orders, you'll order right from the regular product page within a 2-3 week pre-order window. Pre-order colors will be clearly marked, along with a date range for expected shipping. During the pre-order window you can order whatever leather products you'd like in the pre-order color, guaranteeing you'll get the specific items you want before we ever make inventory for the website.

So you'll shop like normal, but the wait will be a bit longer, since we'll be ordering the leather once the pre-order closes, and then making a large quantity of orders all at once. We expect the pre-order process to take 6-8 weeks from order to delivery. And we plan to keep black leather in stock year-round once we complete this initial pre-order.

Future pre-orders will be for new leather colors based on customer feedback and voting/polls, new hardware colors ( like matte black), and specialty jewelry pieces.

Are you waiting for our next black leather pre-order? Sign up to be notified when it goes live.

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