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Sweet Wendie Floral

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June News: Changing How We Do All of This
Closing our Brick & Mortar Store
Advice Goblin: Femme Domme Titles

About Us

Restrained Grace offers handcrafted, high femme bondage gear, day collars, jewelry, and gifts for the BDSM and LGBTQ+ communities.

As vocal activists, we believe that BDSM is for everybody, that there's no One True Way to do D/s, kink is custom, Black Lives Matter, self-love shouldn't be a radical act, ladies can be Daddy, men can wear fishnets, all bodies are good bodies, and gendered products belong in the 1990's. Oh, and Land Back.

Shopping with us supports five families directly, instead of adding to a billionaire's Scrooge McDuckian pile of money. And we appreciate you for choosing to shop small!

Miss Annie & Miss Tara

Best Friends of 25 years
& Founders of Restrained Grace