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Black Leather
is Back!

Made to measure in ANY size. With nickel free hardware in Rose Gold, Silver & Iridescent Rainbow.
(Gold coming in June!)


LGBTQ+ Rainbow Pride Socks


Non-Binary Pride Socks


Bisexual Pride Socks


This Candle Was Made by a Gay Man, Not a Multinational Corporation - Pride Candle


Fuck it, I'm Gay - Pride Candle


Fuck It, I'm Bi - Bisexual Pride Candle


Fuck It, I'm Trans - Pride Candle


Cuffed Jean Bisexual Candle


It's Pride Month!

But around here it's Pride year-round, because we're a queer-owned business!

We have pride gear for every sexuality and gender, and all the rainbows you can handle!
Of course we've got Polyam, BDSM, and Leather pride, too!

Best Gay Ever Headband


Chest Binders by New York Toy Collective


Bespoke Pride Beaded Stacking Bracelet


Too Gay to Function Gold Trophy


But If We All Go to Hell It Could Be Fun - 8"x10" Print


Tears for Queers Handkerchief


Trans Flag Thigh High Socks


Move I'm Gay Rainbow Tie Dye Tee

Restrained Grace Hillcrest is San Diego's Shame-Free Sexuality Shop

1226 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

Wed-Sun 2pm-9pm

The Interchangeable Tail Plugs of Your Dreams!

Tailz is a line of a la cart interchangeable tail butt plugs, and we're obsessed! All parts are sold separately, so make sure you choose at least one plug to go with your tail attachments!

Tailz Interchangeable Rainbow Fox Tail


Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Black & White Fox Tail


Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable White Bunny Tail


Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Black Bunny Tail


Tailz Snap-On Interchangeable Pink Bunny Tail


Tailz Snap-On Silicone Remote Anal Vibe in Small XR Brands


Tailz Snap-On Silicone Anal Plug in Small


Tailz Snap-On Silicone Anal Plug in Large


Our Holistic Approach to Sex & Relationships

We believe the best sex and the healthiest relationships start with a solid foundation of self - starting with self esteem, working toward self love, and integrating self care on a path to healthier sex and relationship choices. Sound like a mouthful?

Basically, we believe the more you love yourself, the easier it is to make healthier choices in dating, relationships, and in the bedroom.

In the words of the incredible Eartha Kitt: "I fall in love with myself, and I want somebody to share it with me. I want someone to share me, with me."

So we've got you covered from self care to aftercare.

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About Our Small Business

Restrained Grace offers handcrafted, high-end, high femme bondage gear, a selection of highly-curated objects of pain and pleasure, fine jewelry, and gifts. Our leather and faux leather pieces are made to measure at any size.

As anti-racist, intersectional feminists, we believe that BDSM is for everybody, that there's no One True Way to do D/s, kink is custom, Black Lives Matter, self-love shouldn't be a radical act, ladies can be Daddy, men can wear fishnets, and gendered products belong in the 1990's.

Thanks for shopping with us!

Miss Annie & Miss Tara

Best Friends of 25 years
& Founders of Restrained Grace