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Pretty Princess Vegan Leather Ball Gag - Lavender, Pink, and Silver Gag Restrained Grace
Pretty Princess Deluxe Bow Bondage Cuffs - Lavender, Pink, White, and Silver Cuffs Restrained Grace
Pretty Princess Leash Handle - Lavender, Pink, and Silver Leash Restrained Grace
Vegan White Leather and Silver BDSM Double Snap Hook Bondage Strap Restrained Grace

Mary Jane Collection

Give new meaning to High Protocol

The Modern BDSM Glossary

We've begun building a glossary of terms related to sex positivity, kink, BDSM, social justice, gender, sexuality and healthy relationships.
a person who will engage in dominant and submissive behavior non-exclusively; can be used to refer to someone who feels an intrinsic need to perform both dominance and submission; can be used to refer to someone who typically identifies with one role but under certain circumstances performs the other.
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refers to a person’s pattern of experiencing attraction, usually sexual or romantic. Can specify the gender(s) one is attracted to, or the circumstances and degrees to which one experiences attraction.
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a compounded acronym which stands for “Bondage and Discipline” (B&D), “Dominance and Submission” (D/s), and “Sadism and Masochism” (S&M).
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About Us

Restrained Grace offers handcrafted, high femme bondage gear, day collars, jewelry, and gifts for the BDSM and LGBTQ+ communities.

As vocal leftists, we believe that BDSM is for every body, that there's no One True Way to do D/s, kink is custom, self love shouldn't be a radical act, ladies can be Daddy, men can wear fishnets, all bodies are good bodies, and gendered products belong in the 90's.

We're also anti-capitalists who believe in a Free Palestine and support the Land Back and BDS Movements. We strive to use our platform to promote self love and community as the path to liberation.

Shopping with us supports three families directly, instead of adding to a billionaire's Scrooge McDuckian pile of money. And we appreciate you for choosing to shop small!

Miss Annie & Miss Tara

Best Friends of over 25 years
& Owner-Operators of Restrained Grace