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Pleasure is good. BDSM is for every body. Kink is customizable.

If you're new to all of this, try not to worry. We know exploring sexually, and with kink, can be daunting, so we're here to help. Anytime you have questions, just open that little chat box in the bottom right hand corner, and we'll help you every which way we can. 

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San Diego's Shame-Free Pleasure Shop

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Made-to-measure, custom bondage gear in a rainbow of colors!

Highly-curated implements of pleasure and pain.

Jewelry, books, apparel, home goods & gifts centered around
sex positivity, intersectional feminism, self love, and healthy relationships.

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Okay, but like, who ARE we?

Restrained Grace offers handcrafted, high-end, high femme bondage gear, a selection of highly-curated objects of pain and pleasure, fine jewelry, and gifts. Our leather and faux leather pieces are made to measure at any size. 

As anti-racist, intersectional feminists, we believe that BDSM is for everybody, that there's no One True Way to do D/s, kink is custom, Black Lives Matter, self-love shouldn't be a radical act, ladies can be Daddy, men can wear fishnets, and gendered products belong in the 1990's.

We've just expanded our team, and we're working on a brand new page to introduce everyone to you, coming very soon!

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