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the individual relationship between two or more persons, typically with regard to power exchange or other kinky activities.

Common Practices & Experiences 

Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences involving dynamics include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • Deciding upon the specific shape and size of a dynamic with the person or people involved. 
  • Having changes to a dynamic over time. 
  • Separating different dynamics within a single relationship (i.e. someone could be one’s spouse, one’s bottom, and one’s business partner.)
  • Taking time to establish a dynamic with a new partner before deciding on what might work best in the long term. 
Bert and Ernie’s relationship is founded on varying degrees of power exchange, practiced in day-to-day life and also during play. They are in a D/s dynamic.
Polly is Susan’s collared submissive. Their dynamic is Master/slave. 

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Real Life Examples

We're gathering short anecdotes on this topic from experienced kinksters!
If you'd like to be quoted in our glossary, please email us a single paragraph describing the practices you'd like to share, along with whatever name you'd like to be credited with.
If your definition differs from ours, tell us how and why! We want to illustrate as many sides of kink as we can to both normalize kink and the diversity within it.

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