Witchy Whimsigothic

Welcome to our collection of all things magic, astrology, and witchcraft! Mx. Annie and Miss Tara are both witches, so naturally, a witchy collection was inevitable. Not only are we partial to the many aesthetics that come along with witchcraft, from woodsy green witch vibes, moody goth, or brilliantly eclectic whimsigothic.

But more than the aesthetic, we believe there's a beautiful intersection of kink and magic - titles, rituals, protocol, ceremony, worship, submission, sex... all of these are part and parcel of both lifestyles. We want to highlight this intersection and explore that with you!

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Bats in Flight Collar - Gray Goth BDSM Collar
13-16"16"-19"Custom size
Garden Witch Collar - Lavender Floral Goth BDSM Collar
Magic Mushroom Earrings

Magic Mushroom Earrings