About us


Our original goal of crafting high femme alternatives to dark and moody bondage gear has become shifted and grown over the years to include activism...


We believe the best sex and the healthiest relationships start with a solid foundation of self - starting with self esteem, working toward self love, and integrating self care on a path to healthier sex and relationship choices. Sound like a mouthful?

Basically, we believe the more you love yourself, the easier it is to make healthier choices in dating, relationships, and in the bedroom.

In the words of the incredible Eartha Kitt: "I fall in love with myself, and I want somebody to share it with me. I want someone to share me, with me."

So we've got you covered from self care to aftercare.


Besties & Business Partners
Annie & Tara met in seventh grade and ran a successful jewelry & accessories business together for years prior to conceiving of Restrained Grace in 2016. In fact, RG was basically a bastardization of their original brand, which focused on personalized and nerdy jewelry.

Utilizing tools already in their studio and skills already in their repertoire, the pivot to kinky jewelry and eventually leather gear was easy and exciting. Soon they were individually electroplating buckles and padlocks because rose gold hardware didn't exist yet, and our signature black and rose gold leather gear is what went viral and helped Restrained Grace gain traction online.

RG is truly a home-based business, Miss Annie works with digital art, wood, metals, resin, and our trusty Glowforge in her home in California, two cats and a dog underfoot. Miss Tara creates jewelry and leather gear from her home in Florida, with a toddler underfoot.


Our product evolves along with us. We're self taught, learn-as-we-go types, and that means we're always developing new ways to improve our products.
For example, before we developed our own nickel-free hardware, the only hardware we could get was made for handbags, not for skin-contact. (yikes!)

Miss Annie


Owner, Designer

Miss Annie is queer, agender, autistic, and disabled. A home chef turned kitchen witch, she spends her free time cooking, gardening, and learning to live slow. She lives in San Diego with her swashbuckling mad scientist of a partner, two orange cats, and a tiny, aggressive dog.

Miss Tara


Owner, Designer



Customer Service




In her free time you can find her living out her princess dreams spending her days at Disneyland, at a comic convention cosplaying, or being a little tied up (if you get our drift). She brings so much love and enthusiasm to our team, find her in store for any of your educational needs.




Transmasc nonbinary artist, costumer, LARPer, and overall neurodivergent nerdy kinky creature. He's happy to talk Trans health and gender affirming gear with any new eggs. 💚🐾💚