How COVID-19 Affects Restrained Grace

How COVID-19 Affects Restrained Grace

Everything is uncertain at the moment, so we'd like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are still operating, still making beautiful things, and still planning to release all of our new exciting collections as promised.

As you know, we’re a small business of 2 who work out of our home. Our household is only leaving isolation for necessities, and we’re keeping our hands and space very, very clean.

Neither of us will work if we are sick, so our first goal is to stay healthy. (Especially Miss Tara, who is expecting!)

Our second goal is to keep on keeping on: with orders fulfilled on time and emails answered promptly with the help of our friend Eric.

We rely on Restrained Grace for our income, and these are uncertain times for the self-employed.

We appreciate your support in every way you can give it, whether that’s shopping or sharing posts. (You can also refer a friend via our points widget to earn store credit!)

If you're looking for like-minded folks to discuss D/s in the time of a pandemic, you can apply to join our private facebook group here.

Thank you for shopping small and thank you for reading!
-Miss Annie & Miss Tara

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I just found your website yesterday and ordered today because Master and I decided it was time for a collar. I hope you guys stay safe and I just wanted to say I love the products I see on your store. I know how hard times are right now and your health is definitely #1! Stay safe and healthy, ladies! I’m excited to receive the collar and tag I ordered and can’t wait to buy more products! I already told Master I’m gonna be spending a lot of money here!

April 7, 2020 at 13:09pm

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