New Website Features to Make Shopping RG Even Better!

New Website Features to Make Shopping RG Even Better!

I'm spending a LOT of time at my desk these days because we're making big changes to the website!

We are currently upgrading our wish list feature, and our rewards program app. What this means is a LOT more features, a LOT more ways to earn and redeem points, and lots of ways to share your wish lists!

What this also means is that we have to migrate a LOT of data (your current wishlists, you current points balance, etc.) And this will take a couple of days due to time zone differences with the developers we're working with.

So please don't be alarmed if you log in and see your data missing! It will be back in a day or two, and working harder for you than ever.

We also added some rad new features like social log in, and sharing your purchases after checkout. Here's a rundown of the changes already made:


  • Reviews are now visible below product photos while browsing, and on the product pages

  • You can ask public questions about a product directly on the product page.


  • Kinky Points are now RG Babes Rewards!
  • You can earn points now for any of the following:
    • Signing up for an account
    • Having a birthday
    • Leaving a review
    • Subscribing to our newsletter
    • Visiting our Facebook page
    • Following us on Twitter
    • Following us on Instagram
    • Sharing a product on social
    • Sharing your wishlist
  • You can now redeem points for:
    • Dollar amount discounts
    • Percent off discounts
    • Free shipping


  • Now you have your own unique referral link!
  • Give $10, get $10: when you refer a friend, and they shop through your referral link, they get $10 off, and you get a $10 store credit!


  • You can now share your wishlist via link, or via social or email!
  • Sizes and options *should* be saved with your wishlist adds in the future!
  • Heads up emails when something in your wishlist is about to sell out, back in stock, or on sale!


  • We have a new shoppable instagram page to make shopping from IG even easier
  • We'll soon be launching an RG Babes gallery where we'll show off all of our fans who tag #restrainedgrace in their instagram posts, so you can see our products on even more real people!


  • We're making it easier to tell the world about RG, because word of mouth is our main source of marketing! 
  • Share products from each product page
  • Share your purchase after checkout
As we're a small business of two, we handle all of these kinds of changes ourselves, with help from app developers, so it can sometimes be a time-consuming and stressful process, but we know it's worth it to make shopping with us ever better!  Please feel free to share your feature requests with us, and we'll do what we can to make them happen!

Thank you so much for your patience!

Miss Annie & Miss Tara

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