"a woman-owned kink gear and jewelry provider that takes everything up a notch"
-Offbeat Home & Life
"...high quality, classy kink gear handmade from fine-as-hell materials for the discriminating D or s."
-Offbeat Home & Life
"perfect for the bedroom and beyond"

Woman Owned

Our team of two women proudly run every facet of the business.

Intersectional Feminist

Our products are for everybody and for every body. All of our pieces are made to measure, with no size limitations. We intentionally seek out diverse models for all projects.


Most of our products are handmade by the two of us, in our home studio in San Diego, CA. We also partner with other small businesses and artists for collaboration, choosing to support small, women and queer owned companies whenever possible.

Super Small

Did we mention there are just two of us? We are best friends of 20+ years who live and work together... the dream, right? Our goal is to keep the business small and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

It's Personal

One of the benefits of keeping our company small is that we're the ones who interact with our customers. We get to hear every love story, share experiences, and personally ensure that every customer is thrilled with their experience shopping with us.

Our story

Restrained Grace was founded in 2016. Browsing Etsy, Miss Annie couldn't find BDSM pieces that she would personally love to wear. She couldn't find high quality, elegant, feminine pieces in leather or otherwise.

After years of hemming and hawing over whether there was a market for this, she finally took the plunge and launched a tiny Etsy shop, with some collar tags, some pearls, and a couple of leather collars. 

It may go without saying that Miss Annie's design sensibilities were well-received, but after a bit of a learning curve, she and Miss Tara leaned in and began to grow RG into what you see today.

They haven't stopped there; their customer base quickly grew into a community, with a private Facebook group created solely with the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to ask questions, share, learn, and grow together, free of shame or fear. Miss Annie & Miss Tara quickly realized that while there are a lot of places to learn about BDSM and kink, there may never be enough.

It's with that knowledge that they are setting out to normalize kink and power exchange and provide safe spaces in person and online for people to grow and learn together.

Our Brand

Our Team


Miss Annie

Annie brings 13 years of jewelry making experience and 11 years of small business experience to our tiny team of two. She's been actively involved in the San Diego kink community for 4 years, with 4 years of reading and research into kink, sexuality, and BDSM before that. Miss Annie has goals of making sexual exploration, BDSM and kink accessible to players of all levels, normalizing kink, and someday becoming a sex educator.


Miss Tara

The bread to Miss Annie's butter, Miss Tara has a passion for cooking, baking, music, animals, and her amazing partner. She possesses many hidden talents, and is incredibly good at just about anything she tries. She loves to travel, and Central America is one of her favorite destinations. She's a big ole nerd, too, with Disney and Harry Potter topping her list. She's been making jewelry for nearly 10 years, and crafting with her mom since she was a wee little thing.

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