Plan C - Abortion Pills by Mail in Every State

Plan C - Abortion Pills by Mail in Every State

Visit Plan C

  • Plan C provides up-to-date information on how people in the U.S. are accessing at-home abortion pill options online.
  • Plan C does not sell or distribute abortion pills.
  • They also provide resources including DIY signs, flyers, resource sheets and stickers.

Live Phone & Text Support

  • Miscarriage & abortion hotline
  • Free and confidential help understanding how to get pills and how to use them.
  • Connect with a lawyer for free and confidential legal information.


  • Plan C Website:
  • Follow on Social:  IG @plancpills Fb @plancpills Tw @plancpills

  • Join in the Activism

  • Share the website:
  • Use hashtags: #abortion #freetheabortionpill #planc
  • Join the Sticker Campaign:

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