The Whole Shop is Now Nickel Free!

The Whole Shop is Now Nickel Free!

This has been our busiest year ever, and we've taken advantage of that to make all of our hardware dreams come true!

Every piece of hardware we use is now completely custom made for us, and completely nickel free! (We have one or two current exceptions, but those are clearly labeled as nickel in the title, and those are only around until they sell out.)

So what is our hardware made of? The base of our hardware is an iron alloy that contains zero nickel, lead, or chromium. After plating, each piece also gets a clear finish coat for extra durability. 

Our iridescent rainbow pieces do contain chromium, which isn't harmful unless you are specifically allergic to it (like nickel!). We recommend anyone with a chromium allergy select silver, gold, or rose gold hardware for their pieces.

Our day collars and jewelry have always been nickel free, and we will continue to pursue additional hypoallergenic options to either replace current products in the future, or add to our offerings.

We're also in the process of developing solid gold day collars, new discreet locking mechanisms, and black hardware for 2021!

If you have an older collar that needs a hardware refresh, we'll be offering a gear care program and a Just Like New service for all of your favorite RG pieces! 

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