COVID-19 Shipping Policy

As a small business, we share your frustration at shipping carrier delays. The pandemic, the election, and the holiday season has created the perfect storm of overwhelming the systems that bring us our online shopping spoils.

Restrained Grace does not have control of the package once it's in the hands of the shipping carrier.

Shipments are often taking longer than stated delivery times by every carrier. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL have suspended all delivery guarantees.

It is also extremely common right now for USPS to miss scanning packages at various points in the delivery timeline - often this looks like a tracking number showing that the package is pre-shipment for days, which is what happens when our local post office misses the scan. These packages are usually scanned at the destination city post office, which means tracking doesn't update until right before it's delivered.

Complaints about shipping delays can be directed to the shipping carriers directly.

US Postal Service Customer Service

UPS Customer Service

DHL Customer Service

Restrained Grace does not currently ship with FedEx.

While there's not much we can do to help with delayed shipments, all orders with Route Package Protection added are eligible for an automatic refund or replacement of lost packages. Lost package requests must be submitted directly to Route - instructions are found in Route's confirmation email as well as in the Route app.

Our current production time - that is, the time it will take us to make orders that came in before yours, and then to make and ship your order - is 3-4 weeks.

This production time doesn't include shipping transit times.

Delivery guarantees from all carriers are currently suspended.

USPS Averages (based on the last 8 months)

Within the US:

First Class Mail - 1-3 weeks

Priority Mail: 3-7 days

Express Mail - 2-4 days


First Class International: 3-8 weeks

Priority Mail International: 2-4 weeks

Express International: 1-3 weeks

We are unable to guarantee delivery of any order by any specific date at this time. We encourage you to shop as early as possible, and order ready to ship items if you need something by a specific date.

We want your order to get to you on time just as much as you do, but sometimes things go wrong. And this year, a lot has gone wrong at once when it comes to shipping.

If you find your order won't arrive by Christmas Eve, we highly recommend teasing the gift recipient with a wrapped up note hinting at their gift from RG, a photo of what they'll be getting, or a guessing game with hints.

Make sure the recipient knows that you shopped small, supported a tiny business when you could have shopped on Amazon, and that their gift is being completely hand crafted specifically for them!

The important thing is that you're giving a thoughtful, meaningful gift, less so, the day that it's given. We invite you to embrace the spirit of the Christmas season and give everyone a bit of grace.

During the pandemic, subject to change without notice:

If you added Route insurance to your order at checkout, you can open a claim for a lost package at any time, through the Route app.

If you did not add Route insurance, we will consider your package lost when tracking has not updated for four weeks, upon which time we will replace your order in its entirety and ship it out within 2-3 business days.

We ship worldwide as long as the country does not have any COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Rules vary by carrier as far as tips go, but you can and absolutely should tip your delivery people this time of year, if it's within your means!

Last Christmas season, we left out a big basket of individually wrapped snacks, drinks, and treats all season long for our delivery folks, and it was delightful for them, and us.

We also tipped each of our delivery drivers $20 the week of Christmas.