Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)

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Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)

Our Definition

a style of BDSM play in which all parties agree to behave in a manner that mimics the behavior of a forceful or coerced encounter. It is extremely important for everyone involved to have clearly communicated expectations about boundaries, conduct, safe words, and goals before engaging with this type of play.

Common Practices & Experiences 

Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences involving consensual non-consent include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • Abuse of Power fantasies & role-playing
  • Proactive and thorough communication with all involved parties
  • Blackmail fantasies & role-playing
  • Hypnosis fantasies & role-playing
  • Use of one or more safe words or actions to indicate different levels of discomfort or genuine non-consent

Adam and Eve enjoy CNC with their partner Adonis; Adonis acts like they’re going to kick Adam and Eve out of their shared home, and coerces them into providing sexual favors in order to stay. They talked about this role play scenario in advance and agreed not to break character unless someone wanted to take a break or stop entirely by using their safe word “Eden”.

Aurora and Phillip have an agreed-upon practice where Aurora is encouraged to give oral sex to Phillip while he’s sleeping, and Phillip is encouraged to wake up Aurora with oral sex or vaginal intercourse.

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