Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC)

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Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC)

Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC)

Our Definition

a philosophy encouraging safe kink activities and warning against potentially dangerous kink activities. Not to be confused with “RACK”. Very traditional and established, but controversial for ableist language, varied standards for safety and sanity between people and communities, and among edge-play enthusiasts.

Common Practices & Experiences 

Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences involving scenes include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • Assumption that different people share the same definition of Safe
  • Assumption that different people share the same definition of Sane
  • Emphasis on safety-oriented standards and practices, both proactive and reactive
  • Strong skepticism or wariness towards edge-play activities, even between informed and consenting adults

Tom and Pam meet up at a party and go home with one another to enjoy some impact play in private. Tom wants to use a two-handed mace as a bludgeon. Pam does not consent. She states that no two-handed mace can be used safely or sanely.

Selina feels like she doesn't belong in SCC-oriented kink communities because of her diagnosed mental health disorder.
Amy and Steve practice bondage together and are both new to BDSM. They have access to safety shears, regularly assess one another throughout for adequate circulation, but have different ideas about whether or not ball-gagging during bondage is SSC or not.

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Real Life Examples

We're gathering short anecdotes on this topic from experienced kinksters!
If you'd like to be quoted in our glossary, please email us a single paragraph describing the practices you'd like to share, along with whatever name you'd like to be credited with.
If your definition differs from ours, tell us how and why! We want to illustrate as many sides of kink as we can to both normalize kink and the diversity within it.

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