Life Partner

Life Partner

Our Definition

a person with whom one has the intent of a long-lasted and intertwined committed relationship. Often, but not always, the relationship is sexual and/or romantic in nature. A life partner need not necessarily be a spouse, though most often a spouse is a life partner.

Common Practices & Experiences 

Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences for life partners include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • A high degree of commitment to being together for the future. 
  • Making plans together such as a 5 year plan towards your shared goal of buying a ranch in Montana. 
  • Making reproductive or family planning decisions together. 
  • Being legally and financially entangled either through marriage or other binding contract such as owning property together. 
  • Deciding to share a surname, sometimes one partner changing their name to another’s, sometimes with all partners taking a new surname. 
Bert and Ernie live together and share a bank account. 
Tyrone, Jacquetta and Philomina have lived together for 10 years as a triad, and have adopted 7 chinchillas together.
Beaufort and Langley are not romantically or sexually involved but have decided to be life partners, registering as domestic partners and filing taxes together. 

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Real Life Examples

We're gathering short anecdotes on this topic from experienced kinksters!
If you'd like to be quoted in our glossary, please email us a single paragraph describing the practices you'd like to share, along with whatever name you'd like to be credited with.
If your definition differs from ours, tell us how and why! We want to illustrate as many sides of kink as we can to both normalize kink and the diversity within it.

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