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a relationship-oriented family tree where members are linked by intimate connections. Also referred to as a constellation. Generally one’s partners and metamours are in their polycule. Some people find value in mapping out their extended polycule, while others prefer to focus on their more immediate connections.

Common Practices & Experiences 

Everyone is different! You'll see this repeated throughout our website and glossary. Common practices and experiences involving polycules include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • Drawing a chart or constellation to show how people are connected to one another. 
  • Being various degrees of close or distant from various members of a polycule. 
  • Including people at differing degrees of separation from one's self (some will include only their own partners and their partners, while others will include the partners of their metas as well.) 

Giselle, Rodrick, and Jean-Luc, are all intimately involved with Helga. Roderick has another partner named Athlred. The five person polycule live together in a 4 story townhouse.

Octavia has two partners and values being in a close-knit polycule where she is friends with all of her metamours.

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Real Life Examples

We're gathering short anecdotes on this topic from experienced kinksters!
If you'd like to be quoted in our glossary, please email us a single paragraph describing the practices you'd like to share, along with whatever name you'd like to be credited with.
If your definition differs from ours, tell us how and why! We want to illustrate as many sides of kink as we can to both normalize kink and the diversity within it.

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